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Guest Speaker: Kim Klacik.

Published on 13 Sep 2020 / In Politics

Okay... The next entry in ROG's series on race is a long one, and will take a little longer.

In the ROG: RACIAL CONUNDRUM entry, I pointed out that we cannot judge every member of a race by the large-group average of their race. Looks like we have an example here, with this young Black woman running for congress as a Republican in a horribly typical Black, perpetually Democrat district.

She points out that the Democratic Party thinks Blacks are stupid, and will keep voting 'blue' no matter how bad they fail... And she has the guts to ask "Are they right?"

I'm afraid they are. But I would LOVE to be proven wrong. Get less than 80%... Hell, make it 85% of blacks voting Demonrat this November, and I'll seriously reevaluate my 'racism'.


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MajorWood 2 years ago

Sheeeeeeeeeeeat !

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