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Guests on news program talk about UFO's and threat to national security. They're using words like "swarm" and "fleet" now and "their" tech is waaaaaaayyy ahead of America's.

Published on 21 May 2021 / In Interesting

Slow disclosure?

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Nationalist 2 months ago

So this is why you believe in outer space LOL.
Aliens aren't what you think. Alien means something that doesn't belong. Meaning JEWS!

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Steelmidnight 2 months ago

Look at how dead their eyes look...

People need to research how OLD these stories are.....And there is a reason for that....Because they dont come from "Out there". Ancient text talk about them as "Angels and demons". Jews arent as smart OR as lucky as people think they are...They arent "masterminds", they are getting help...Just as Good people get help from the creator and his "angels" which probably get around by the same means these demons do.

The book of revelation is all about a failed genocidal plan to destroy the Adamic "children of light" with weaponized mass migration, (Just read Revelation 12:15) being followed up by an agenda to kill off 1/3 of the population with a "Mark of the beast" (the translation from Greek meaning stigma, scar, or PINPRICK) which turns those who survive taking it into mindless "Chimerae"....Half human, half something else, probably digital. in fact, the FINAL LIE of the Jew, just before they are utterly destroyed by God and cast into the fire, is the fool the world into believing that God arriving with the hosts of heaven is an invading alien force.....When Gods, angels, and demons are NOT extraterrestrial, but interdimensional. Well, except God himself who is outside time, space, and matter...As he created these and is unaffected by them, his angelic servants are another matter. Look human enough you wouldnt know one sitting next to you, and are bound by the laws of nature when in this reality to an extent, but still not so much as we are. If its in Jew owned media, its untrustworthy, that much is certain.

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cracker 4 months ago

sounds like faggotry is afoot, fuck off jews

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Texaswolf 5 months ago

Distract and re-direct the people from pedos, a crashing economy, manufactured food shortages, etc.

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momento 5 months ago

If there are flying vehicles in restricted airspace and they are not shooting them down, it's a real concern that they are in that airspace to start with and that they are not being shot at, is even more of a worry because...what does that mean, when shooting at aircraft in such an airspace is their documented policy. Personally, I think it;s a real issue and not a distraction. TV and youtube and comedy shows and recreational drugs are enough of a distraction.

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bannedforhatespeech 5 months ago

I don't buy anything on CNN or any mainstream media channel.

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