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Psychopaths Rule The World - A Rebellious Meat Puppet Production

Published on 30 Nov 2020 / In Satanism / Occult

Just dickin around trying to show people things they may not see. This video is NOT playing right. There's a lot of imagery I used here and for whatever reason on this platform, the video freezes, whilst the audio plays. In the first 10 seconds of this video, there 5 or 6 images that should show up, but every single time I've run this video via freezes on the first image of Daddy Bush. Why are there so many problems with these 'alternative platforms'? UGH!!
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Allophylian 10 months ago

They're well beyond that

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Weserubung 10 months ago

Amazing edit. The chemtrail map is especially interesting. Its crazy how the "matrix" has essentially had control over us all this time, and most of us are too blind to see. I can think of a handful of movements in history that have fought back against it.

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