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⁣Halloween Decorations offends negros

Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In How-to & Style

⁣Halloween Decorations
⁣A stuffed dummy hangs from a pole with a noose around the neck and hands tied behind its back. Many passersby find this an offensive reminder of the lynching of African Americans.

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iakg 5 days ago

you niggers were not hung because you were innocent victims. just as now you were then. problem is that now the rotten politicians have your votes & you are covered.

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Allophylian 7 days ago

Civilization offends Negroes cause they can't belong in it. Everything offends
them cause they have nothing to do with it. They feel ostracized cause they can't
go along with it. Excuses - excuses - hip - hip - bullshit. Dumb down the world to
15 year olds so blacks can feel accepted - NOT!!!

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Bill 14 days ago

get a job nigger

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Allophylian 14 days ago

Black women are the ugliest women in the world. Inside and out.

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GHREM 14 days ago

Lynching will make a come back, fuck you niggers...

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