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handsome truth, adam greenberg and GDL exposed!!

Published on 18 Nov 2022 / In Jewish Question


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syyenergy7 6 months ago

The 'HT Grandma interview' , at about the 4 minute mark, she flat out states that she's married to a Mexican and that is Jon Junior's grandfather.

He keeps showing a DNA that is Scottish and English (100% Northern European).
That is false. Not his actual DNA.

Here Handsome Truth (Jon Minadeo Jr) is yelling at the fact-finder
for calling his grandmother on the phone.

Some of the antics of the GDL is exactly how the Jews destroyed
the efforts of Senator Joe McCarthy. There are very good aspects
of the GDL (by honest people) and then there are other outlandish/childish
methods that are 'food' for the ADL to destroy us and make new laws against
us. Then expect HT to rile up people with "they are censoring free-speech".

It's a JEW-FED operation.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 7 months ago

yelling at those fat bitches was pretty funny tho. and tbh i say that exact same shit all the time when shit like that happens it really does shut ppl down even when its super obvious that im not a kike ppl are so scared they dont want to take the chance lol fucking pathetic

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DeathToJWO 7 months ago

Kikes are literally mocking their followers.

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milhouse 7 months ago

Front Man
Grant Bristow kept silent for almost ten years about his controversial work as a CSIS spy in Canada’s neo-Nazi movement. Now, finally, he’s ready to tell his side of the story

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