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Handsome Truth aka Jon Minadeo exposed as an agent

Published on 21 May 2021 / In Jewish Question

Thanks @asianracial for the link ✋✋✋

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IsraelIsChristian2 7 months ago

If the say they are nationalists but don’t practice Christianity they are jews. If they look like jews they are likely jews if you cant verify family history. We have lots of kikes here i know because if I get close to a major babylonian temple I end up with hooked nosed idiots trailing me like its mission impossible. Im sure thats true of us all

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twistedjoker 2 years ago

I new this creep was a jew he calls every white person a fag but will never say nigger or spic he looks like a jew but tells people one time he is Anglo then another time he is Italian .This creep was a wigger rapper then he is in Hollywood movies he is a typical jew like Frank Collin or Dan Burrows that creeped their way into white power groups to turn white people on each other.

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30WD 2 years ago

This is why they had to ditch his most loyal side kick "Damon V", because they were changing HTs persona to be "White supremacists", problem was Damon V is a nigger.

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scm_bacont 2 years ago


Knew there was a reason i avoided this kikeroni fudge-packer...

Snake with a forked tongue...

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ElijahVale 2 years ago


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