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HAPPENING: Buffalo New York Shooter kills niggers and releases manifesto (link in description)

Published on 14 May 2022 / In Uncategorized



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TruthSeeker16 5 months ago

That nigger should move to Jamaica.

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natehughes123 6 months ago


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Lt_Bonaparte 6 months ago

I dont know if its real or not
i still cannot fully confirm on how the hell that negress near that soda and chips could catch a finnishing bullet to head without having dot from bullet itself.
Like i know its not like in films or games where headshots are blasting blood everywhere but come on even in reality when someonge gets hit to forehead he has dot from bullet

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natehughes123 6 months ago


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II_TheRook_II 6 months ago

Was fake as fuck. Peach pants woman was deciding factor. 3000ft per second bullet does nothing from 2 feet, but blows dudes bicep off in Kyle Rittenhouse situation? Only things that even still give me a thought it was real was the nose dive the first woman takes and the bullet holes in the window. If they would go through the trouble of making bullet holes in glass happen, why not have some damage on the shots on humans. You go look at war in Ukraine pics and vids and guys who gut shot in head or face have at least some damage.

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TruthSeeker16 5 months ago

@II_TheRook_II: Look at the window when he is shooting it.

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Lt_Bonaparte 5 months ago

>You go look at war in Ukraine pics and vids and guys who gut shot in head or face have at least some damage.
And thats the red flag which i pointed out
When someone catches finnishing bullet to forehead it leaves mark at least a dot where shot landed whatever its 7.62x39 or 9mm luger etc, the damage from balistic ie the mess which is made when bullet comes out is also considerable to point out since we talk about 5.56 round which is made to cause the biggest wound as possible.

Did in clip negress got a dot from finishing bullet to forehead?
No not at all from those 2 shots
What happened to that muslim woman which caught tarrants headshot when he was near his subaru?
You seen it a fmj 5.56 made a visible damage to head and arm

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TruthSeeker16 5 months ago

@Lt_Bonaparte: I have seen a cartel video where the guy is shooting the other guy from close up and it looks like this. You don't see much damage but the guy is dead, you can be certain of that.

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My_Genuine_Sneed 6 months ago

Book Anon delivered

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 6 months ago

Nigger has sleep apnea

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