HAPPENING: Buffalo New York Shooter kills niggers and releases manifesto (link in description)

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 16 hours ago

Nigger has sleep apnea

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JWCS45 17 hours ago

another complete psyop!
the script he "left" is a complete and utter stupidity course for the simpletons!
by the way, the first woman he kills is white so..

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Charlotte 11 hours ago

Woman's name was Roberta Drury. She was a nappy headed light skinned nigger. Most likely a half breed. Probably a mudshark nigger lover., as well. Fuck her

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george_stachura 10 hours ago

@Charlotte: its a good nigger now.kill them all

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II_TheRook_II 4 days ago

No news man, I hope none of them make it. The less violent sub human blacks we have to slaughter us every week, the better.

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milhouse 5 days ago

Google Drive already took it down, interesting read though on catbox. thanks for the find and upload.

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II_TheRook_II 4 days ago

So where do we find the shooting vid? It has to be out there. I though it would be here.

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TinyCow 18 hours ago

@II_TheRook_II: i saw it on usacrime dot comm

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TinyCow 18 hours ago

@II_TheRook_II: here's a link, if the reply goes through. https://usacrime.com/uncensore....d-video-buffalo-mass

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jewtubexx420 5 days ago

sounds like some jew bs

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