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Happy Adolf Hitler Day!

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constitution_89 5 months ago

WHY did God, Our Holy Creator, leave Germany and it's Blessed and Brave Soldiers and People to NOT Only Fail to help them to Win, but Not Stop Churchill and FDR from succeeding in the Treason & Treachery they Organized to Not Only Stop Germany, but to keep Germany from Having to Go to War Against Britain and France at All?? And This is the Answer:

Germany's "National Socialism" was NOT the so=called "Socialism" that is the Governing Political System We see in Europe today, which IS "Marxist Socialism" which is Soft Communism without the Forced and Brutal Physical beatdowns upon those who Oppose this "Socialism" because They Know exactly Where it Will go and the Only direction that it Has to wind up in, and that would be a Forced, Brutal, Bloody & DEADLY form of Straight-Out Forced Communism with ALL the Tyranny associated with the Few Psychopath's Demanding a certain Allegiance that ALWAYS WILL wind up with Thousand's or Millions of people Dead, Dying or Crippled while being Enslaved by those Few and maybe a few hundred being given Power over a Hundred Thousand which would be like the Mafia as the End where SOME have More material than other's and btw, there is NO recognition of 'God,' or compassion or ....... well a Land Full of Zombies with Anger, Hatred, Violence and Always some kind of Control over the Majority because THAT IS what Communism Always becomes and Who Wants to Live like That? NOBODY Really. And those who are in Line to be the next "Boss" usually wind up Assassinating the other or poisoning them without Anyone Knowing who did it nor Anyone being the wiser. American President, the Traitor Scumbag Franklin D. Roosevelt was Probably Murdered too, as was Sen. Joseph McCarhy as was Definitely without a Doubt Gen. George S. Patton because he was going to return to the States just before Christmas 1945 but had told Way Too Many people what he was going to do when he got back which might have seen some Very Well known people HANGED for Treason so "'They"' (the Jew's) had him Murdered first because ALL We and the British people were told about and Why WW 2 was aimed at Hitler instead of Communist Stalin had to remain a Secret even to this day and I know why but there isn't enough time to cover that here and now but I can say this, READ: "American Betrayal" by Diana West from 2013 and it Will really make Many people VERY ANGRY whenthey find out how We, Britain, France etc, etc, were Used by the Zionist's, their Jew's and fellow Luciferian "Freemason's" of which FDR & Truman were High Up there. I will end wit this:

The West is now witnessing the formation of the One World Government and it's World Communism just as told by Paul Warburg to the U.S. Congress in 1952 just using different words, and with it the End of All Freedom, Liberty and Individual Rights particularly those endowed upon Us by Our God Creator and the beginning of a New Dark Age.....

"Gentleman, I have come to the inexcusable conclusion that we have fought this war on the WRONG SIDE! We should have fought WITH the Fascists AGAINST the communists, and not the other way around. I fear in 40-50 years we may pay a dear price for this mistake."
...... General, George Patton. 07-21-1945

Edit: Both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were Traitors working Against the West for the Zionist Communist Banker Cabal of which Hitler & Germany was their Main Threat to "'their"' World Government and Only wanted to Save Western Civilization by Destroying those who were the Real Threat Against it and this IS a FACT!!

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TheTruthAboutFaggots 4 months ago

cant be bothered to read

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HEILHITLER1488 6 months ago


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AppalachianAmerican 6 months ago

4/20 \o Hail!

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Treskilion 6 months ago


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happyapple4 6 months ago

"We are the children of the sun; always on the run." Is more than relevant for today.

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