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HAVE WE BEEN FOOLED! All the Doctor's connected to Sasha Stone UN Prepare yourself for shock !

Published on 07 Oct 2021 / In Conspiracies

The following is a portion of a recent post I made;

"I started to notice that 98% of all videos made by "truthers" mention Hitler, Nazis, the "holocaust" etc. in the obligatory derogatory terms. Why is this? Hitler was the last Christian bulwerk against jew communism [the force behind what is happening right now]. This is because most of the so-called "truthers" are controlled opposition to prime people for the post-sweep world that is coming."

What if the anti-vax "truther" media talking-heads deliberately exaggerated the immediate after effects and long-term threats of these jabs? People who initially said "NEVER" to the jab have caved in and accepted slavery. Some people who were hesitant but considering it have now refused the shot because in their research they see something is very, very wrong.

Perhaps the hierarchy on both sides of this argument have been colluding all along for one purpose and one purpose only: To herd the compliant future slave class to one side and the rebellious troublemakers who love freedom to the other side. Turn up so much heat that everyone would be forced to definitively choose a side. We're just about there.

Our United States of America is currently surrounded by an extraordinary amount of huge container ships that cannot dock and unload. We're told it's because of this or that 'coof related reason.

Now that the line in the sand is pretty well drawn is it at all possible that these containers are full of foreign troops rather than merchandise? Troops that are waiting for the signal to invade and wage total war against the true patriots?

The current illegitimate administration wants true patriots dead and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they tried something like this while claiming plausible deniability.

Fascinating times for sure!

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KINGTV1 12 months ago


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Orwell 1 year ago

The problem stems from being attacked for using the word the Jew to describe the problem.

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Messerschmit2 1 year ago

Tell you the truth , Adam Green and CJB almost deceived me with their rap about Christ - if they didn’t turn on Hitler I would have bought the farm on on that one.
See all the Jew names in these ngo pac s ?
Jesus Christ is not a Jew
Jesus Christ lived before Judaism
Jesus Christ is the law
They are paralleling some of Jesus to end to an opposite means.
This is spiritual warfare
Never trust a Jew

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Messerschmit2 1 year ago

Germ Theory

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Messerschmit2 1 year ago

Kabbala/ not Christ

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