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Have you all seen this? Murder by Decree (1979)

Published on 23 Apr 2022 / In Freemasonry

Freemason's and jews! Oh my!

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Schmetterling 24 days ago (edited)

Another creepy revelation I had was the end of Peggy Sue Got Married movie. Stag films and smoking cigars my foot;)
National Treasure with Nicolas Cage.
Also if you go to the old cemeteries especially in the South Freemasons everywhere on their headstones.. Yep

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nimblehorse 26 days ago

“Masonic lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence. Those pigs, the non-Jewish Masons, will never understand the final objects of Masonry.”

– Theodor Herzl, Founder of Modern Zionism, 1897

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Schmetterling 24 days ago

My brother has a friend that both Dad and Brother were masons. Creepy ass evil shit he said and he disowned them. These were supposed Christian men but below the 33 degree. Saw a while back lodges were burning down up on the East coast. People are catching on. Masons control their communities, small towns and do the Jews bidding. Any white Christian man that is a Freemason is a traitor. Period

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