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he just wants to buy a new phone "Bro" - The UK where even the robbers aren't safe !!

Published on 21 Sep 2022 / In Uncategorized


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White_Devil 1 day ago

For once the robber wasn't black, lol. Was a White guy. I'm surprised he managed to get away.

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FREEMRBOND1488 2 days ago

As much as I wish it was a nig the robbers hands are white. But us whites have been robbed for a very long time so I wished he would of got away with it

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MartinCoon 6 days ago

Dumb niggers can’t even rob properly, lmao

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BasedAndAwake 5 days ago

look at the robbers hands

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Hatbox 6 days ago

This reminds me of that incident in Las Vegas where a teen robber got killed by stabbing. Situations like this would be the only time I'd be in favor of a Muslim throwing acid on someone. Not in the face, but just enough
to stop a robber in his tracks.

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Nigger: "Do you mind, i'm trying to rob this shop"
White customer: "Oh Sorry Mr. Nigger" . Walks out

As you were Mr. Nigger

but to be fair to him, its almost what you expect them to be doing..

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Bond0077 7 days ago


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