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Healing our Celtic Spirit: "Celtic Guitar Ballads - Relaxing Celtic Guitar Music"

Published on 18 Apr 2022 / In Wholesome / Feel Good

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Hey, everyone! :D
I know things have been getting SUPER crazy lately..
With the tyranny amping up on Every front; why not take a bit of a "break" from it all? We ALL deserve something nice once in a while; so why not some nice Celtic music. <3
I DO hope y'all are doing Very well; and manage to heal from the madness of this world.

Original link: ⁣

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HanssFKGunther 1 month ago

I keep receiving this error ever since the Buffalo, NY shooting:
Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found

It happens whenever I try to watch any video on this site.

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Schmetterling 2 months ago

Beautiful! Been listening to my Clannad and Enya lately. Good for insomnia;) Thank you!

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