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Help feed the hungry jew kids

Published on 22 Mar 2021 / In Israel / Zionism

Help feed the hungry jew kids
777,400 children in poverty this charity is trying to help them-
30% of Jewish children in Israel do not have at least one meal a day

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theliquidatedrabbi 7 months ago

Oy vey...6 million kids go without lunch 3 times a day, goy...send shekels NOW!

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Freedom 7 months ago

Have you noticed that all the parasitic ads begging for money are either for Jews, Africa, or animals? Why should we help them when our own Adamic brothers sit in Zionist churches and are asleep? Many losing their souls as the Zionist laugh in glee we would send them more money on top of what they already steal from us to fund Feminist and Marxist agendas.

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Soldier1 7 months ago

Why tell us? We're in the same boat. Jews are the richest people on Earth. Feed your own, and also your old folks in the Ukraine. We're on to the con, and are sick of being used. You sit back and assist your comrades worldwide in oppressing the world, then have the audacity to ask us for help. To hell with israel!

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