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Here’s Where Your BLM Donations Really Goes To

Robert Parks
Published on 19 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Here’s Where Your BLM Donations Really Goes To

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tarzzan 2 months ago

omfg thats genius first thing i thought when i saw that site was “ lol niggers being able to program a site like this no fucking way” i bet the niggers dont even know these ppl scammed the equality retards thats brilliant good for those bluden (blue juden)

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The best part is soon United Way is going to possibly partner with BLM...which if you know anything about UW, unions support and harass you to donate to them per paycheck and guilt trip you when you don't give them a fucking dollar per pay period. No $1 means all the employees won't get a pizza party, supposedly funded by UW. When I was younger, I had my manager put a dollar per check in for me, because I refused to do so, after pointing out the fraud UW creates! This crap was back in the 90's! I can't imagine how blue-pilled the grocery union is nowadays! P.S. welcome back, WT VIDEO. Thank you for Truth, justice, and funny nigger videos to make my mandatory overtime days more bearable after work! Thanx.

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exposethejeugenda 2 months ago

when she gets to the BLM page we instantly see (COVID 19) So the jew creates and funds BLM but unbeknownst to them the jew does his jewjitsu mind mind over matter feats......while pretending to be so concerned with black lives mattering so much he at the very same time is encouraging them to die off by taking the jew black magic potion......not only that to sterilize them....LOL I find that hilarious.....and how many whites go for that crap too? In fact they even have geaky libtard whites joining BLM which at times seem to out number the blacks....jewjitsu!!! lol

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Steelmidnight 2 months ago

Looks like Jew decided to let others pay for their political bribes in the name of negro...BTW they DO love their all seeing eye of lucifer, dont they? It was on the third or fourth page she clicked, cant miss it.

So, donate to people who are robbing, raping, and murdering the white race en-mass so Jew can bribe MORE politicians, so they will let in even MORE non whites to rob, rape, murder?

These people are cancer!

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Steelmidnight 2 months ago

Its a Jewish scam....And besides, why in the HELL would anyone who isnt brainwashed, want to donate to a race who commits 104.000 rapes and 514,000 violent crimes against white people per year JUST in the states...And white on black? 0 rapes from 2019-2021, and 14,000 white on black crimes? Yep. And most of THOSE were hispanics or Asians classified as "white".

Donate to them? Are people MAD?

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