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Hermann Goering on Hitler's Knowledge of the Extermination of Jews

Published on 15 Nov 2021 / In Uncategorized

Adolf Hitler Denied the Holocaust:

Hermann Goering Denying Guilt (Shorter Version):

Hermann Goering Denying Guilt (Longer Version):

Heinrich Himmler Denied the 'Holocaust':

Josef Mengele Denied Inhuman Experiments:

Adolf Eichmann Denies Knowledge of the Death Figures:

Reinhard Heydrich on the Meaning of the "Final Solution":

Otto Ohlendorf Denying his Guilt:

Alfred Rosenberg Denying Guilt:

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8thWonders 11 months ago

German Soldiers Were Punished For Mistreating Jews

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Nuremburg trials. Kangaroo courts full of Jews is all they were, from beginning to end. They had to silence the German Leadership from telling what really went on from the German side as they were just about to ramp up the indoctrination of all the baby boomer children with decades of holohoax bullshit. Early Jewish de-platforming. Jews have always sought to Nuremburg the Hebrews. They despise us. The feeling is mutual.

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JesseJames 11 months ago

F them 👃

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milhouse 11 months ago

mostly they got convicted on being a member of the Nazi party which in the legalese they were able to wiggle into Count 3, Count 2 did not have a conviction in the final judgment:

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milhouse 11 months ago

this guy explains it better than i can:

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