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Hey, Candace: Let's Save the White Kids from Pedophiles by Mongrelizing Them Out of Existence

Published on 24 Nov 2022 / In Jewish Question

⁣End of Days 1027

The Glorious Logs of the Prophet Salamandren (peace be upon him)

Season Five, Episode Fifty

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Maverick0708 5 days ago

I agree with your take on pedophilia being a symptom of the J3wish perversion and its influence on society. While I do stand on Christian values on many points I’d still rather cure a pedophile (45 ACP to the cranium) than allow them to continue on grooming and destroying the minds and souls of innocent children. Many of the kids who are abused go on to abuse. Pedos are also a symptom of alll of the LGBTQ shit which is a symptom of Jish perversion. The European archetype who represents my idea of God would be smiling down on me for eliminating pedos there by stopping the further destruction of children. However then the question is would it be a virtue to eliminate the niggers who destroy white children through shitting on their gene pool and creating some hyper unstable mongrel child. With no roots to any particular culture they are a boat without a sail in J3w infested waters. Destroy the blood of a people you destroy their roots their connection to the past and you have an easily moldable gollem creature that the J3wish media and education system will mold into whatever they want.
I notice now a lot of movie rolls going to mongrels they are popularizing this now in movies and television across all Europeans countries. The lesser animal benefits and the greater human suffers the consequences of this.

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