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High Impact Flix Brian sells masks and Anomaly believes in voting. probably best not to trust anyone but God and Yourself

Published on 06 Dec 2020 / In Cointel Pro Shills


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NewWorldCircus 3 months ago

High Impact flix made videos denouncing masks.
Voting is bs for sure.

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NewWorldCircus 3 months ago

I hate the new instant messaging feed.
It's impossible to read everything.
I am the only who get's frustrated with that????

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 4 months ago

i'm guessing brian is greybeard?

jmo, i dislike both of these persons and here is why:

1.) girl-hair boy won't shut the fuck up and allow greybeard to even respond,
he just uses sjw insults in a nonstop barrage flurry manner.
i would not waste my time engaging such a cunt as that, i walk away,
when they come at my back continuing to rage i turn and begin breaking their body parts.
if i walk away - a person is well advised to stand still and allow me to.
girlhair boy is the type who would not heed that advice, and result go home with facial bone fracture and less teeth.

2.) greybeard tries to play spock by saying it is legal to sell masks.

i can agree that it's okay by me if others want to do things i consider wrong
as long as they don't force it on me,
i do not want to live on a continent with those persons,
and if i ever get to live in an enclave, those persons will not be accepted in at all.

a surgical mask when there is a real reason, such as a doctor doing surgery
not wanting spit flying into his patient, is fine.
a fraud pandemic causing people to buy a product that is actually harmful to them
is to be wholly reject imo, in any enclave i would be in, and i'd like my enclave
to encompass an entire continent again someday.
not people force to agree or comply, but people who by their own choice agree and comply,
and really - because it is based on truth not lies as is the frauddemic.

it is legal in usa to sell porn,
it is legal in russia and brazil to sell porn that has 12yr olds in it,
it is legal in russia and brazil to have a prostitute that is 14.
and the atf claim they are legal to exist and legal to attack people who possess sbr's.

people in power calling something "legal" is only their lie term.

all porn is wrong / degeneracy at any age,
the atf is a treasonous violation of the constitution and should be executed for such.
brian/greybeard would not exist in my enclave.
atf would be executed for daring to show up at the gate.

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Fwiffo 2 months ago

well said

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yardfowl 8 months ago

Brian also sells children's shirts with Disney themes on them.... he is a full blown lying fkn hypocrite, its about time folks started seeing this bag of shit for what he is.

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WopDog 8 months ago

I used to watch Brian all the time along with mark dice. While I don't doubt their libertarian love of individual freedom which indeed has is place but sometimes comes attached with gradual evaporation of moral character , if you condone or accept completely supposed " victimless " abnormal Individual behavior it can begin to erode societal moral character as a whole. There must be a moral line if you will , that society as a whole should be ashamed to look the other way. In other words, absolute freedom to do whatever makes " you " happy is IMO no different than "Do as thow wilt shall be the whole of the law". Which also IMO has turned " Capitalism into the sheer pursuit of greed , anything for a buck buck buck. Just because you can ( free will ), doesn't mean you should.

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yardfowl 8 months ago

well said, i totally agree

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 4 months ago

@WopDog: well said, and i was also thinking the "do what thou wilt" phrase as greybeard spoke.

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