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Hisashi Ouchi: The Most Radioactive Man in History

Published on 28 Jun 2021 / In Documentaries

⁣⁣Hisashi Ouchi: The Most Radioactive Man in History

A japanese man named Hisashi Ouchi was involved in an accident in which he was blasted with radiation. The dose was the highest any single living human had received in history. His harrowing experience after is a story of suffering no man, woman, child or animal should ever experience.

This video is exploring the terrifying experience of Ouchi and the medical team which desperately fought to save his life and reduce his suffering.

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TinyCow 4 months ago

eh... jew medical cuck making a video. It was to "practice" medically, it all is. So as to refine treatments for the very wealthy.

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The_Britannic_Scribian 4 months ago

They should've put him out long ago; especially after his sisters blood transfusion failed a week into his treatment. I'm certain experimental procedures are what kept him alive until finally his body was so degraded it was no longer useful for experiments.

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TinyCow 4 months ago

@The_Britannic_Scribian: i agree, the cost of their medical development is dependent on those who are foolish enough to be guinea pigs. those who are lucky enough to be the ones that find cure praise the system, while the other 99.9% arent able to speak of their mistaken trust

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