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History of the Jews in Russia - The Russian-Jewish Revolution - Part 1

Published on 14 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣"History of the Jews in Russia" will examine the conflict between Russian Orthodox Christianity and Pharisaic Judaism. Part 1 will go over the history of the Jews and how they came into Russia.

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pater409 2 months ago (edited)

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Konigtiger1945 16 days ago

I watched about two mins of this until I realised it was a kike production and he’s saying not all jews are bad many live in poverty in Israel and are forced into the military. Yeh right whatever. No point listening to anymore after that

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Jewsbanthetruth 2 months ago

Part 2 available yet?

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

Everything to do with Russia beginning in 1914 had everything to do with the signing of the Federal Reserve Act on December 24th 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson. It isn't hard to understand when you follow the money straight from the top-Rothschild. Russia had everything he wanted and so did the Middle East. To get Russia he had to murder the Czar and his leaders and make this a Jewish Regime. To get the Oil Fields of the Middle East he had to go to war against Germany because they were in alliance and protected those Oil Fields. From the start this whole campaign of murder is made possible only by the issuance of this money from the banks. Today all police serve as mercenaries for these bank owners. They continue their campaign of genocide through the police departments and military of which the banks control. The Federal Reserve Act assured the banks controls over our Presidents. The banks fund both sides of wars but in the end they profit by establishing their banks in defeated countries. Without the banks all Jews could be imprisoned legally because our very laws are based upon this money they issue. From top to bottom it isn't hard to follow the money trail and this is how you uncover the crimes all Jews are guilty of. From the start Jews were never a religious group but a mercenary group. Campaigns of war is how they have existed from the beginning. If we go back to the Spanish Inquisition, the invasion of Mexico, the invasion of Italy and other European countries always it has been Jews that campaigned these wars. In past they used Arabic forces just as in modern day America they continued abducting Whites to sell to them as slaves and blacks to bring to America as slaves. When Hitler refused to issue their money they left for other countries.

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White's Cavalry
White's Cavalry 2 months ago

Great video, rejecting Christianity is the downfall of Europe and now the world.

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