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Hitler's crusade against communism

Fash Bird
Published on 28 Jul 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

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Loky 10 months ago

ich würde gerne mit gleichgesinnten reden u kennen .Aber ich werde immer mehr der meinung -make a torrent! denkt an mich wenn es im Osten geschieht!

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LeniRiefenstahl 10 months ago

Hitler tried to make the English speaking world understand... The irony is the Weimar Republic all over again... And still the Western world refuses to see... and those that do see still put their slurs in about us Germans. Bolshevism 2.0 in 2022. Exactly what Hitler warned us all about. Yet a lot still think Churchill was such a fine PM! lolz.... Especially in Australia! Honestly the crap that comes out of Australians mouths... yeah I know not all! lolz... The ANZACS lolz... they saved Australia from nothing! And now in Australia it seems we are all systems go towards Agenda 30. People really need to WTFU. BTW people are in Australian hospitals now because they had to take the bloody injection... and then "make sure you get your flu shot!" on top of the mRNA shot.... Not to mention all the other rubbish that is going on.. the queer agenda etc. Hitler tried so hard... but no-one was listening and now everyone is complaining! The aschkenazis are the most evil people on the planet! But everyone is still mesmerised by them! People still fall for the anti-semite BS. Unbelievable.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 11 months ago

Amazing isn’t it
I totally get it
Hitler was Right
How could Americans have done this to Germany
It’s really important

This war is not over
I don’t blame all so called Jews / THATS a trap
Here is a clue to what is going on

Hitlers Jewish soldiers
Who where they ?
What was their loyalty?

To discern the Torah LAW - from Talmud tradition of elders
Hebrew Israelites
Edomite/ Canaanite/ Babylonian Talmud/ Pharisee/ pharaoh/ kazzars Kabbalist

Yes the Jews caused this , however there is a difference and GOD demands that we are more righteousness than our enemy.

Fash - if you ever find out who these Jew soldiers where and their deeds - loyalty
I believe there is a clue within their situation that may help ours.

We are fighting against crony capitalism being used for eventual communism
Take the pay off and join them, no
Hitler was not a shill , he was the real deal - I expect those soldiers also knew

It’s more complex than I thought- that’s why ignorance has the narrative.

Imagine this video next door in real life !!!
Absolutely horrific

The Bible/ Torah means Law
The Talmud is Marxism
They are opposing forces

Long commentary
But important
The Supreme Court of England is called Talmud Court
Samual Levin judge
Talmud means to learn , However implications are Babylonian
Hitler was Right and would never allow this
In Talmud law
Jews - human
Royal king- person
Free masons or man - individual
Lord- human being
Bond servants- slave to above
Eisenhower and that Jew that wrote Germany must perish both used term BEASTS WHEN referring to Germans
Beast means - no murder or steal from an animal in law
Ww2 wasn’t a war against people or murder in their law
It was killing animals

This is legal in their Talmud
Jesus Christ and prophets were sent because of this
Pharisee became jews
A remnant is Hebrew Israelites that are ok and became Christian
It’s illegal to proclaim the gospel in isreal
We must resolve this issue.
It’s not finished
Didn’t Jesus Christ say it’s finished
How to fix this ????

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 11 months ago

I like Adolf
I understand his struggle
Crony capitalism and Marxist oligarchs made collectivism and communism.
The NS did good for what they had , unfortunately the allied forces worked fast to keep the truth out unless it was discovered that Wall Street funded the Holodomore that was pinned on Germany.

War sucks
Germany asked for peace 21 times - was so merciful to the British counting on their leaders coming to reason.

In fact , I’d say Germany saved Europe from communism, I believe the French knew this.

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