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Hitler Declares War On The Zionist State USA Part 1

Published on 06 Jul 2021 / In History

⁣Hitler Declares War On The Zionist State USA Part 1

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constitution_89 2 months ago

If Only the American People of the Era (?) 1900 - 1950 and So Many other Patriot Nationalist minded (Yeah, please put aside, or even compartmentalize the obvious "injustices" of 'White' European and even European Spaniard/Arab-Persian Conquest's as ALL Peoples of Human History have always done, Guilty of expropriating the territories and possession's of other's with American's being a hodge-podge of different nationalities with British probably being most typical(?)) citizens of the U.S. population and the U.S. Congress being made aware of the Violation's and/or Favoritism toward Britain (and More so to the Soviet Union with Lend - Lease) of International diplomacy and what constituted Neutrality which FDR wasn't though claiming otherwise as he provoked both Japan and Germany with Germany being the Ultimate focus of his, the Administration and Definitely the Zionist International Banker Cartel based in England (Rothschild's) and ALWAYS provoking Germany in So Many ways but Hitler wouldn't Fall for them knowing what FDR and the Zionist International Clique which Hitler was fond of referring to "Them" while his Hope was Always to avoid War but more so hoping for a alliance of England and America joining with Germany to defeat the Communist's and Save Europe from them till he realized that they were ALL going to Team Up Against Germany.
There was Only Two forms of Government till Germany and National Socialism arrived on the World Stage and IT was a Real Threat to the Banking Cartel of Luciferian Zionist's which Owned it ALL till Hitler introduced National Socialism (Not Marxist/Communist Socialism which is the ball being kicked around in Europe and slowly in America right now) and the Zionist's and their Freemason's wanted GONE before the rest of Europe might want to try it out for themselves which Scared the Zionist's and their System of Usury and Credit because "'They"' DIDN'T want the better competition.

The Bottom Line was the Financial Bottom Line and Germany Had to be Destroyed because the Proof was that Hitler and German N.S. had pulled Germany Out of the Great Depression and made it a Powerhouse in Europe by 1937 or so while England and the rest of Europe and America needed the Second World War to pull them out of it which didn't begin till about 1943 or so.

The Worst Mistake the 97% of the World Population was Suckered into was a War on Germany instead of Joining with Germany to Destroy Communism but that was Always the preferred "System" of the Zionist Luciferian Rothschild Banker Cartel which EVERYONE should be Well able to see now with this emerging World Communism that is being Orchestrated by World Zionism and their Freemasonic "Babylonian Talmudic Luciferian Supremacism" which is what World Jewry has Always been Orchestrating for 2,000 or More Years and is Now just around the corner. And THIS is WHAT the German's and Hitler were SO Fanatical about Destroying so they could SAVE Western Civilization but WE fell for the Zionist/Jewish/Masonic Brainwashing instead by being Entertained and Distracted to Our Own Demise.
Welcome to a Brave New World........those of Us that will be left to be Enslaved by it......

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