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Hitler Discusses How Jews Gain Power Mein Kampf in English

Fash Bird
Published on 12 May 2022 / In History

⁣#Worldwar2 #wwii #nationalsocialism #thirdreich #nsdap #jwo #nwo #communismkills #whitegenocide

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drutsohg 5 months ago

This is why land speculation was illegal under the third reich. And today we have REITs here in the US and Jews (Blakrock) buying up single family homes to control the price. We will never have prosperity again until we get out from under the Jews

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TSOSWBEX77 5 months ago

fake ass jews are vampires and parasites and will never change !!
Can a Leapard change it's Spots ??

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Messerschmit2 5 months ago

Common sense
I think the Capt of the Graf Spee , should have listened or read this to remind himself about what he was fighting for .
Watch how the world in its ignorant way drive him to doubting the mission.
We need a modern day Graf Spee in a financial and asymmetrical kinda way.

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