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Hitler, Himmler and the Homosexuals - David Irving

Joe Lowsac
Published on 21 Jun 2022 / In History

David Irving speaking at the Scottish Forum 2016.

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Thank you Joe. A great talk by a great man is Irving. I myself was raised to admire Churchill and despise Hitler. I was raised that the Jew are God's people. I left as part of a family fleeing Britain on the 10 pound scheme because Churchill had trashed Britain on the vile lend/lease scheme.
Needless to say I thought as a child then. I no longer think as a child and I stand at the polar opposite of those stands. Simply because when the Jew breathes, they lie. I now know that everything they push, the exact opposite is more often the truth.
My grandchildren thankfully won't be blinded by the Synagogue of Satan as I was by the ignorant people who loved me.
My dad was one of the few who managed to side-step Bomber Command back to infantry. He survived the brother war.

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ARYAN VIKING 6 days ago

I was in 8 USP Federal prisons and 4 FCI Federal prisons and 10 Tennessee State Prisons and 3 county jails. I have had Armed Standoff with a Swat Team, 2 cases Agg Assault on police officers and numerous Escapes but I did 30 years. All my cell partners were Aryan Brotherhoods and my running partners, Skinheads. The police do everything to end the White race and, we can never fault ourselves for anything. It is the police that are traitors.

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