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Hitler on Freemasons War Profiteers

Fash Bird
Published on 13 May 2022 / In History

#Worldwar2 #wwii #nationalsocialism #thirdreich #nsdap #jwo #nwo #communismkills #whitegenocide

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Messerschmit2 5 months ago

This topic here
Gets me extremely angry
Adolf Hitler was Right
Race traitors teamed up with Jews for money,
Ignorant Christianity going right along with it.
Adolf Hitler was really doing what the Bible says
I believe he was a Christian and Jesus is the source of ethics.
I’ll never understand why anyone would go against their Race/Nation
The money I guess

Gottfreid Feder economic plan would have ruined the central banking system.
And been biblically correct

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Lego 4 months ago

Never heard of that German named "Gottfreid Feder". Will check him out! Thanks!

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

@Lego :
Gottfreid Feder economic plan
1933 economic plan

Fritz Rhinehart economic system
Is also good.

These men proved that a labor based currency can benefit the culture and people who work for and can both trade resources and fund innovation
Compounding interest debt
From private investment schemes to government


The free masons are gleaning profits from a Jew system
Our blood and labor

Gottfreid Feder has his own book
It’s very good

The fascifist also made a video about him.

This is a unique economic system that requires loyalty and honesty to work .
However, it does work and works very well

Wall Street funded Bolshevik because it was in their best interest to do so

It’s the biggest secret in the world
And few understand it’s implications

Gottfreid Feder economic plan


Morganthol Plan

That’s what it is all about
Never mind jews or political propaganda

Bottom Line

And we are wrong
Investing in our own death

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Lego 4 months ago

@Messerschmit2: Fritz Rhinehart, I have heard about and read about his works. Just not Gottfried Feder (yet).

Yeah, I know Hitler created an economy based on units of labor rather than an economy based on gold speculation and usury rates.

Hitler had the advantage of industry, good educational facilities and a very large-healthy White population. These days, our folk have been forced to return back to the pioneer days of hard labor, good family relations, community building from scratch, and bartering for what we may need.

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Lego 4 months ago

@Messerschmit2: I'll check out his book as well (if possible from online), but thank you for the awesome comment! :D

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

@Lego :
Your gonna like his financial strategies
It’s the real reason why Germany is so demonized.
Trillions of dollars of wealth would be used to benefit the people, build industrial bases and infrastructure- trade and farming,
Best kept secret ever
Skull and bones
Wall Street
Would all be out of business if these strategies were applied to our treasury and justice department
No usery
No compounding interest debt

I think it’s great
Arbiet macht frei

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

@Lego :
This is the way out
Few will grasp the profound implications of this economic system.
It is the ultimate evil in any financial magazine or economic forum
Instantly ridiculed and slandered-
Because it’s also the true biblical financial system
It works
It’s the reason for the Bolshevik uprising
As if the czar and Bismarck had adopted this before the allied forces could attack - it would have taken over the world.

We fucked up
Too late

This generation of techy assholes will not accept it either, as they think hi tech is the solution

The Jews got us so bad , I think it’s to late

The Western Civilization Library
Worldtruth video
Might have Gottfreid Feders book

There is a lot of that kinda stuff there
Only Gottfreid and Fritz got this economic policy correct- from what Iv listened too.
All others are same old shit rebagged

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Lego 4 months ago

@Messerschmit2: We still got loopholes that we can use to our advantage. Sure, all the negative stuff will get older Whites off their ass and do something, but the future lies with the younger generations!

I myself am a millennial who came from an upper middle class White family, and was rejected from all the state colleges I applied for because of affirmative action. (Business admin was my last choice, but I really wanted to go for automotive or civil engineering. If not those, then biotechnology). Out of desperation to get somewhere after high school, I applied for a two year associate program at a technical-community college (later on completed a plumbing certificate program). The traditional career vocation has helped me out a lot! I ended up with no student loan debt, very high salary, more economic opportunities, and I can create a very flexible schedule!

Learn a traditional vocation at community college (or vocational school) and start building up our own communities from scratch:

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Lego 4 months ago

@Messerschmit2: Jews got the older generation of White folk (like most of you guys) really bad!! If you were far-sighted, you'd focus more on the young and next generation of White folk. That is where I think our movement is lacking, but its okay, it is in our peoples blood to struggle and fight for a better future than to just relax!!

Forty years from now, the pre-WW2, boomer, and Gen X Whites will be all (or mostly) gone. Millennials and the next generation of Whites must be won over to our side, in order to carry on the torch in the darkness.

Also, when it comes to warfare, urban planning, and education; those are all arts and not technics. Another aspect that I don't like about older Whites is their over focus on technics. You cannot possible calculate everything, and thus, you need to be an artist!

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

@Lego :
Scenery on the road to tyranny
The Occult Art of Law

Look at the 3 states of being
3 courts
The highest jurisdiction Talmudic in England

we are bond slaves whatever job we have , ever purchased item is payed twice

I never went to college because of all the communism Marxist curriculums
Never knew what to do as I didn’t know where I was

We are in a Jew trap
The money trail the system is to force us into Talmudic law
It’s a rouse
It’s for Jews to leverage authority
Remember I said above?
Body mind and soul
Each court
The supreme court’s jurisdiction
Through consent
This goes on after our minds are controlled and then after death

Watch that video

If I where to attempt trying to get an education
I’d go for petroleum chemical engineering

Oil is free renewable energy
Oil is produced by microbes in Marcellus shale deposits

Doesn’t want us to know any of what I just said

Adolf Hitler was Right and had no idea that England court was Talmudic
Samual Levin

Adolf Hitler could have won ww2 if he had enough fuel

Fuel is extremely important
Oil well / refineries
The green movement is really red
They cap wells and lie to the population who doesn’t care

I need $3 million in a diversified investment portfolio to get this started
Iv been fighting this without any relaxation or pot smoking since 1973 when I first saw Henrey Kissinger
I hated him since I was 4 years old
That fucking Jew has been controlling and lying to my generation for 60 fuckin years
60 years of Rothschild BLACKROCK Kissinger and opec
Nobody understands
Body - material
Mind- financial
Soul- after death
We are selling out to the Talmudic agenda

That’s too big for me
We are selling out our races for money for Marxist oligarchs for Talmudic Jews
I know that
Working hard and killing if necessary for them.

Thanks for links

I keep getting
Can’t play videos on Worldtruth video anymore

I contacted and it goes into extremely difficult programming instructions
So maybe I won’t be able to watch videos on here anymore.

Point is
The CFR TRILATERAL COMMISSION has your generation too , big time
I watch and listen
The whole thing is CFR TRILATERAL COMMISSION, raised on it and will fight to kee the Cfr agenda going
Even smoking weed and can’t understand or see the forest through the trees
All this is cfr shit

Jews own everything
They also have our minds / opinions
The after life

Watch that video
See how limy glosses over Samual Levin and Talmudic court and goes right for Vatican and lower speculators in investment strategies.

Listen , how the spell works even during the presentation!!!!
It’s crazy
Obviously something is going on

I need $3 million dollars to fix this and get any real leverage
That cannot happen
Only a certain type gets fed 0 % loans for 10% down on business loans for a corporation that can sell its own stock
I could in theory manage to acquire $3 million easy
Even make good on stock
Turn a prophecyT
Create my own self sufficient energy contracts for my investment
I’m me
They are them

Death conundrum coming soon
Looking forward for reincarnation of another failed attempt to escape
Himmlers highest standards for success
Just try starting a beer hall pouch
Himmler lucked out there
Hooked up
Right time and place

If he only knew England court is Talmudic!
Who is the failure now?

3 million dollars

Maybe a cargo ship
Something big

Everything else is bond service
Synagogue of Satan
Symbolic Slavery
Application- begging for reincarnation to do it again

Totally fucked
911 should have woke them up

Computer internet should have gotten me my $3 million easily
They aren’t buying it

There is a certain amount of ignorance that seems to have the generation/ general population under a spell

Sure Germany escaped until it was caught again

Just like a jail break

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Lego 4 months ago

@Messerschmit2: Yeah, I know we're all slaves to the Jews because we use their currency to obtain goods... But look at how the Amish and Mennonite Whites operate! The Amish are traditional, do not race mix, and do not allow degenerate propaganda for their children. The Amish also obtain certain goods (i.e.: glass bottles) from bartering with others! Average Whites ought to learn more from the Amish and get inspired from them!

We can make do without the fancy Christmas lights (that are made in China), and certainly without Japanese automobiles. It's up to us to return back to nature and live it out like what the pioneers did. Jews and Non-Whites can eat themselves to death; once Whites realize their racial advantages for many vocations and industries!

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Lego 4 months ago

@Messerschmit2: We can blame the Jews, traitors, Non-Whites and mongrels all we can. However, it doesn't change the fact that so many of our fellow Whites cannot create anything long lasting or significant these days. That is why we find ourselves in this dilemma!

IF we are to truly follow the holy works of Christ, Hitler and Tesla of 100% self-sufficiency; then we must work incrementally to re-build what has been lost (communities, vocation school, raising healthy children, etc.)

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Lego 4 months ago

@Messerschmit2: Gott Mit Uns!!!

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

@Lego :
That’s the bottom line and question
Ist ?
Gott Mit Uns ?

It’s long overdue for putting that quote to the test .
If it is more than a quote, not question 🙋🏻///
Sieg Heil

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

@Lego :
Now Jews are far ahead and much too organized to do any nice pot smoking well thought out reclamation.
That’s over
We fucked up in 1812
Maybe 33ad
We are looking at scuttling the ship at this point.
It’s so bad , I have no words.
It’s so bad , only GOD CAN FIX IT , to prove that Jesus Christ isn’t a Jew shill and offer a way out from Jews masons Marxist slavery.
It’s so bad
England court is Talmudic
Ever organized community service is Jews
Every corporation is owned by Jews
I see Jews making us competitive with each other and RAT OUT ONE ANOTHER, daily
I can’t overemphasis how bad this is.
Our best figure it out , and SELL OUT IMMEDIATELY.
Keep smoking pot
Ha ha
It’s disgusting
We are nothing more than slaves and worse yet niggers at the very sense of the word.
Matter of fact , Asian are preferred at this point.
Watch out , this is bad
If your not born a Jew , game over
That’s how bad

My only hope is
Jesus Christ said
Before Abram was I AM
Before Judaism
That’s how bad this is.

Test me , check it out
Follow the money in your local municipal system.
Local corporations

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Messerschmit2 4 months ago

@Lego :
I used to go to church
An Amish girl painted a painting and made her joy to salvation
Had a Jew standing in the road with a rainbow coming out of his head.
All the Christian people fell on their knees in praise , break out in song
I think
An industrial base is very necessary
I’ll go back to Model T and multi fuel ⛽️
No animal labor- yuck
Been there done that

Power tools and communication is also more important than you think.

There are a lot of Jews on here
Ya , trying to maintain the status quo

Hey , goy - want some pot
Hey goy , here’s a credit card
Hey goy , it’s not us
I’m telling you , it’s bad
Even though Christ
Beyond Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is the light, not the Star of David
Jesus Christ is our advocate in their Talmudic court
Our attorney
We owe that court nothing!!!!!
Nothing at all
It’s a Nuremberg show trial
Total bullshit

Yes our own are the problem
The Jews destroyed everything
Everything they touch turns to shit and arrogance.

I know shit , I can’t say here

Henry Ford was RIGHT.
That man was 100%
You wanna find out , read the international Jew by Henry Ford
Henry Fords name does what Jesus Christ name should do !!!! Yes
Adolf Hitler was Right, but too nice to these fuckers
Adolf Hitler should have routed out the Shevos goy first
The problem is Shevos goy
And Christian Zionist
These people are the true enemy.
They empower the Jew
Martian Luther
Not king

The more I think about it the more implications I’m aware of.

In fact , we idolize Jews
It’s true
We have idolized Jews for their financial services and religious institutions.
Guilty as charged
Pay for the crime of denying the living God.

Be careful, they are in out minds and souls
So true
I’m not talking shit

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