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Hitlers War on jewish freemasonry

Published on 14 Sep 2022 / In Uncategorized

exposing the lodges

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constitution_89 2 months ago

I just Can't believe the British and Americans let themselves be Brainwashed with Lies & Propaganda by the Jew Controlled Press and Speakers along with FDR and his support of the Mass Murdering Communist's of "Uncle Joe" Stalin. And the British, instead of listening to and joining up with Oswald Mosley shunned him and beat him up when when he was Britains Best chance for Saving England and her Empire but instead listened to the Traitor Scumbag Winston Churchill.
I wish the American Bunde had assassinated FDR before 1939 and the British or German's had Blown Churchill to pieces, Western Civilization would be So successful without the Jew's, Masons and Kalergi's Multi-culturalism that is now Destroying the West and leading to WW 3.

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