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hooked nose lying bitch,, kill US citizens with jabs as our replacements are kept healthy.⁣

Teutonic Knight
Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

Psaki: Illegals Are Not Intending To Stay Here So They Don’t Need To Prove Vaccination Status

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Spectralwulf 29 days ago

The Haitians are probably all purposefully diseased with the intention of spreading diseases to the compromised immune systems of jabbed Americans. Most of them have been shuttled into the US interior with some flown to Haiti to make it seem they are being deported. As their health is not a concern, they must be bioweapons since the regime needs to sneak them in - diseased as they are while pretending to remove them. Who knows what all corruption these vagrants have been injected and infected with as they jumped around to UN refugee camps in different countries?

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Teutonic Knight
Teutonic Knight 29 days ago

yes,,I agree..thinking the same they are sick and with fevers ,, this is the reason they are being turned back ONLY,, but now BLM (Bad Looking Monkeys) is trumpeting their cause.

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donmega187 1 month ago

"Well Peter, let me rephrase your question to the form which I'd prefer it to be."

Isn't that one of those well known methods of how to avoid answering a question? She's trained well in the arts of propaganda.

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exposethejeugenda 1 month ago (edited)

one hell of an ugly kike too...I'll tell ya what.....the cocky nature piss faced expression, and arrogance of the jews is revolting....infuriating.....I can't wait till pay back day.......that soul less black eyed bitch in particular...but then they are all like that....from Pelosi, Barbara Spectre, Schumer, kissinger, ALL OF THEM....every single one of them.....never has anyone or anything raised within so much repulsion and rage.....these MF'Rs gotta go

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Nemesis1 1 month ago

This one doesnt even try to hide it . It is so rude , I wonder if its making enemies even amongst the servile useless idiot complicit media, if it stirs up too much hatred they will remove it.

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KMB 1 month ago

I Don' t Believe Anything This Fucking Lying Cunt Said This Is A Planed Invasion To Cause Chaos When Showdown Happens And For Us To Fight Each other And Not go After Our Real Enemies In Washington DC And These Fucking Rich Jews In This Country

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ellockjack 1 month ago

Yep. But don't worry, they'll get their turn.

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Sibbeloth 1 month ago

Those who collaborated with the jew? Their turn cannot come fast enough.

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