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How a jew thinks - Robert maxwell, Bob maxwell

Published on 18 Nov 2021 / In Israel / Zionism

using language as a tool against others in order to change their culture, with bob the kike

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ARYAN VIKING 14 days ago

They do change the meaning of words. In the United States along about 1980 the Jews changed the meanings of many words across the entire field of legal terminology words so that the word "Witness" doesn't mean someone who witnessed anything. They also changed the meaning of the word "Evidence" so that the word isn't describing evidence but manufactured fantasy. They kept the pressure going to make all police officers looking like the Good Guy with their television movies while the truth is that a police officers serves in the employ of any child-molesting Jew. Cops can't arrest these Jews for any crime because the money everyone uses comes from Jews from their own printing presses on worthless paper so the Jews set themselves up as our authorities in all legal departments. When they say someone is a Witness it really means they paid somebody some money to say something against someone else and their statement is then called Evidence. Everyone believing in the television movies are the ones fooled. In this way the Jew imprisons us Whites for manufactured crimes they don't have to prove while the police will commit any crime with their guns that a Jew tells them to commit and our Jewish-owned newspapers tell any lie a Jew wants told.

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ZygmuntZaiger 14 days ago

"....the Jew imprisons us Whites for manufactured crimes they don't have to prove ..." in USA- your Vaterland! your Heimat! Everywhere else too! That makes me vomit
and by the way: who changed the defintion of the word "Pandemie" right before morona break out? you know jew- sorry, imean who

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