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How cohen and skokie jews invented the holohoax

Published on 27 Aug 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

⁣The Origins of The Holocaust™
⁣Holocaustianity (also known as the Holocaust religion and Shoaismus) is a secular religion, created by proponents of Talmudism for gentile consumption since the late 20th century. It is based primarily upon enforced guilt and self-loathing over alleged Jewish casualties during World War II and the supposed "moral authority" in the world of Talmudic Jews. It acts as the spiritual wing of the international exploitation racket known as the Holocaust industry. The religion is the de facto state religion in Germany, United States, France and elsewhere. The pilgrim's site "Israel" which is at the same time also a home of many priests of the Shoaismus is visited by believers often and with pleasure and seems to the pilgrim to give plentiful material blessing.

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scm_bacont 1 month ago


I would have guessed that it was the 50's-60's or something...

Not 79...

This whole thing is a new lie

What the fuck...

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Free Speech Merchant
Free Speech Merchant 1 month ago

And its proved to be very profitable for money, sympathy and scapegoating. Jews of today ARE the SYNAGOGUE of Satan

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scm_bacont 1 month ago

@Free Speech Merchant:

Without a doubt...

But they have ALWAYS been the SoS...

Always will be...

They are pure evil...

All they've ever wanted was power, money, and slaves of the white race...

Yet no one ever seems capable of asking "why" for some odd reason...

It's because it's in their evil genetics...

They've proven it time and time again

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mikaowx 22 days ago

@Free Speech Merchant: even the romans and the greeks had written about their disgusting nature before christianity so the argument that today's jews are the exploiting, parasitic, collective hiveminds is wrong, they have always been like that even in pre-christian era.

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