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How everyone needs to speak to mainstream media Jewish presstitutes.

Published on 23 Aug 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣⁣The MSM is the deadliest enemy of our people. Without them indoctrinating our people 24/7 with lies we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in right now. They are the biggest weapon in our enemies arsenal & need to be utterly destroyed. That is why the first thing the joos did when entering our nations was buy up all our media. They know how important it is to keep the masses under control. And they won’t relinquish it without a fight. They’re not as naive as whites. No amount of money could buy it back from them.

How everyone needs to speak to mainstream media presstitutes.

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Eckhart 1 month ago

See how they always switch to a different wall. The bricks behind is for masonry. Or they use a diamond linked fence because diamond is 33 in germetria. Same as colour orange.

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rambetter 2 months ago


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PM10423S 2 months ago

Goddamned jew "scribes". They never change. ALWAYS liars. But there's more than enough lampposts for them all to swing from... And, swing they will. Soon, too.

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NewWorldEbola 2 months ago

these fucking journalists need their throats slit.
jew propagandist scum

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Enraged 2 months ago

Wish I could shake that mans hand...

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