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how far has a society fallen?

Dan TheOracle
Published on 07 Dec 2020 / In Uncategorized

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Mark Wiley
Mark Wiley 12 months ago

To be fair, these days you have to worry about being sued and/or prosecuted into oblivion if you intervene, no matter how good your intentions are. Now, I WOULD intervene in this scenario, and I would be extremely pissed at them once I found out the truth. But I will N-E-V-E-R do anything but laugh at a black-on-black crime. I wouldn't care if a black man was sawing the head off a black infant with a butter knife, I wouldn't do shit. I swear on my own child's life I mean it.

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 12 months ago

never interupt your enemy when hes in the middle of making a mistake...

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DoNTansrQs 1 year ago

If it was a girl that would have gotten a little better response

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DelagoriusFinley 1 year ago

Nobody does anything, Fucking Typical....

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Suzy3 1 year ago

Braindead Cowards!!

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Balazs 1 year ago

they took over the insensitive attitude of the chinese people, horrible

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