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How is This a Thing? 30th of July 2022

Published on 31 Jul 2022 / In News & Politics
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Fabi Vel Ser Integral
Fabi Vel Ser Integral 4 months ago

I liked your pics.

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Dani M
Dani M 4 months ago

My hatred for these demonic FUCKERS grows by the hour. This crap is so insulting & feels like nothing more than straight-up mockery at this point. MANY intelligent men of true science have been well aware of their geoengineering in earnest since at least the late 90s - it was the internet coming to fruition and being mostly widely available by mid to late 90s that made it possible for lots of men to start posting things on the early days of the World Wide Web.
I LOVE how they act like they are "considering geoengineering" when it is totally obvious to anyone with eyes & half a brain they have been doing this already. All of that aluminum in the chemtrails, as I understand it, it what helps to deflect the sun. Most have gotten used to all the days in which it starts off sunny, blue cloudless skies, next, you get a few lines across the sky and next thing you know, you are blanketed in overcast haze and can barely make out the sun.

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Southern Rebel
Southern Rebel 4 months ago

Hmm. Makes you wonder.. what would happen in such a "city" if the A/C stops working said "city" would become a 120km long oven??

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Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac 4 months ago

What is a "space raft"? How could you stabilise something the size of Brazil? I think there needs to be a stronger distinction between what constitutes a practical idea and mere whimsical imaginings. I don't think the imaginary city seemed any worse than an actual city (nor did it seem much better). Every construction project looks better in the model. The model never includes someone pooping in a cardboard box as part of the façade though that may well be the reality.

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Hatbox 4 months ago

They make the chemtrail X's in S. Carolina USA too. I did read NATO troops, including USA soldiers, had arrived in Poland. Look at this photo. Notice the difference in the skies, and that even the seawater looks different. Wtf are doing to the planet??

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