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How Might The Curious Mind Better Understand The Nature Of Reality

Published on 15 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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MetaMind 2 months ago

"The messages of Duhem-Quine and Lowenheim-Skolem are as follows: universes do not uniquely determine theories according to empirical laws of scientific observation, and theories do not uniquely determine universes according to rational laws of mathematics." Chris Langan, Theory of Theories

Mr. Langan claims to have proven the existence of God, but he's actually proven the existence of Satan. The sense of something or someone concealing the nature of reality isn't (just) a conspiracy, it's ... the nature of reality itself, at least the empirical aspect we can discuss without me confusing nigh everyone.

The problem with Mr. Langan's "proof" (and yes, his proof is real) is analogous to the problem with religions in general: those seeking "God" unwittingly (or otherwise) promoting "Satan". The real proof about the nautre of reality exists, but Langan's academic proof can be misinterpreted, while contacting extra-dimensional beings won't reveal the Absolute any more than watching reruns of late night infomercials will.

"In CTMU cosmogony, “nothingness” is informationally defined as zero constraint or pure freedom (unbound telesis or UBT), and the apparent construction of the universe is explained as a self-restriction of this potential." CTMU

Reality has no external compliment, and hence there can't be any "information" about "it" (per se, as a whole). Anything amounting to information or sensations thereof isn't information about "reality" (per se). In effect, reality is "boundless" and can't be described in-whole, a description synonymous with "pure freedom", "pure stasis", or else "infinite mass".

What's being "concealed" is the Absolute nature of reality. As "pure freedom" reality doesn't require a conspiratorial cabal for it to be concealed, the very nature of our minds as sentient beings conceals the Absolute by default. On the other hand, concealing truth is a prerequisite for retaining various sorts of worldly power. The Absolute must be "concealed" in some way for it to be realized in the first place, and it must contain the means of its own "realization", hence the "meaning of life", or else it's not purely free nor "infinite mass". (Mass = potential, so infinite mass = the potential for its own self realization, along with the means of its own concealment).

Mind = Reality. Reality has no external compliment, and hence the Absolute nature of reality is effectively described and experienced as an eternal stasis (God's grace, Nirvana).

When the mind is active, it conceals the Absolute nature of reality by default of its activity. When the mind is still, the Absolute nature of reality appears by default of its stasis.

If you haven't read the CTMU or other writings by Chris Langan, it's suggest taking a look, but it's a really deep rabbit hole, and I don't endorse Langan's religious sentiments nor his stereotypical conflation of the Devil for God.

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Good stuff!!!

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GEN. JD RIPPER 3 months ago

I've done my share of psychedelics in the bush. I came back from the experience feeling all around better. The combination of the forest, your thoughts mixed with an ounce of mushrooms. Never do mushrooms in an urban environment. Just a tip lmfao

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SelousScout 3 months ago

It was Jews and their goyim Christian retards that burned down the library of Alexandria , look who murdered Hycapia where.middle Eastern in appearance

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Whitmann 3 months ago (edited)

It predates Christianity and the culprit was Julius Caesar...

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