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How Myst Almost Couldn't Run on CD-ROM (2020) 📺🧠

Published on 31 Jul 2022 / In Gaming

⁣Cyan Worlds co-founder Rand Miller goes behind the scenes of the development of one of the best selling PC games of all time, Myst. The HyperCard-developed title ran into some snags when trying to run on the CD-ROM format. "I had a really powerful Mac, with a lot of memory and a lot of hard drive space, and we were still working in mud," said Rand, discussing the game's performance early-on. Rand and his brother, Robyn, compressed the image and audio data as much as they could so the game could run smoothly on 1x CD-ROM drives.

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GottMitUns 10 months ago

Myst was one of the worst games I have played hands down.

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