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How The Jewish Talmud Says To Treat Gentiles

Published on 15 Jun 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

These people are sick and need to go, one way or another.

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mikaowx3 5 months ago (edited)

I would add to this the following; What is the path of peace? That guy is maybe too young to or inexperienced to understand. I suspect as every jew, especially the religious ones know what the path of peace is. Consequently this is another fraud. A lie to polish dirty shoes. The path of peace in judaism is when jews are living among other people they try to subvert, overthrow and destroy their culture exploiting the host nations in every way possible. The templates to this behaviour are found everywhere in the old testament. The path of peace according to judaic authoritative sources is the way of behaviour jews should behave when non jews are in control and the powers of jewish communities aren't effective enough in the lands of the hosts. However when they gain the upper hand and the jews had succeeded taking over institutions and they are literally owning the land of the host nation and it's people the path of peace no longer applies they can do whatever they want; then those commandments which are cited in many places apply for jews because when they are already in power as puppet masters behind economies and states they no longer have to pretend. This is what this jew does not tell you. I've been shown the relevant passages and I have even seen a video in which a jew is telling about this as it is. Here is one for instance:

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MichaelDukakis 6 months ago

What's that?

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