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How to install TempleOS BARE BONES

Published on 20 Apr 2022 / In How-to & Style

1.Check your I/O ports on Windows/Linux/Mac
-Look for a 0x01F0 port (this is required for booting TOS)
-Look for your HDD/SSD I/O ports (there might be multiple, in my case 0x18C8 (first port to be typed) and 0x18C0 (second port to be typed) worked with my installation)
2.Install TempleOS.ISO file (⁣
3.Burn TOS on your CD-R/RW (preferably from Windows7 and earlier or Linux)
4.Reboot into TOS from the CD/DVD-ROM
5.Press Y-N-Y to install TOS on your laptop/computer
6.Insert the I/O ports for the HDD/SSD (play with them until you manage to get TOS working) and press 0 to mount the drive as Master
7.Choose a free partition from your drive (preferably the last one that you've made)
-NOTE: TOS can see SOME hidden partitions, such as Windows' recovery partition or Linux's boot partition, that's why it's preferable to make a new partition at the end of the drive
8.Format the chosen partition with the RedSea format for greater security and better storage management
9.Press Y-Y to install TOS' Master Boot loader and reboot
-Eject the CD-R/RW if you're too lazy to go into the drive boot loader
10.Press the number for your TOS' partition letter and boot into TOS

BIG NOTE: you may need to reinstall TOS a couple of times until it
gets installed properly, this comes from (possibly) bad partition
formatting command, altough it will def work after a min of 2 reinstalls

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