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How to make DMT Video Extraction Guide

Published on 17 Oct 2021 / In Uncategorized

Eyyyy Im Makin DMT ova heaaaaaa

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Raymo1 8 months ago

Fucken nu yawkas, yous guys

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Joel 8 months ago

You can make an Ayahuasca type brew with MHRB as well. It can be stronger or weaker, as you wish. Really slows down that DMT experience. Makes it easier to grasp what's going on, and lasts about 6 hours, not sixty seconds. You can also take an MAOI and capsule the DMT you have extracted an take it orally as well. Milligram scales are available for around $100. There are a couple of variations of this technique of extraction. You can use wax warmers to aid extraction (Wax warmer doesn't get to hot,....when working with lighter fluid) I've seen people use magnetic stirring plates and actually doing a second process that purifies the DMT a little bit more and it goes white. That version is apparently better suited for oral consumption. The person I saw do it,.....wasn't taking the DMT to trip, he was taking it for an asthmatic kind of problem he had. All that said, I don't recommend psychedelics. The fact is, some people just can't take them.

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nonstopwarfare 8 months ago

my advice is stay away from psychodelics.the mind is a desert, an endless maze, the trap is the lure of some great enlightenment soon to be revealed, the key, the answer etc. Of course there never is an answer just further derangement and confusion. Give your life and mind to the most high creator.

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TrumanBurbank 8 months ago

I agree but I did have very positive experience with DMT the 1 time i tried it. It's not an addictive substance that will ruin your life, and if you are open minded you would probably have a similar experience.

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