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How to Treat Treasonous Governors/Politicians, One Approach, Mar 3, 2022

Published on 03 Mar 2022 / In Politics

⁣Governor of NV, Steve Sisolak

The drama unfolded Sunday, when Sisolak and his wife were subjected to a profanity-laced rant in a Las Vegas restaurant by two men, one of whom threatened the governor by says he would, “string you up by a lamppost.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal posted the cellphone video of the incident. The Associated Press reported that a video posted to Instagram splices together scenes of the incident from two vantage points. “Where’s your security at, punk, huh?” one man asks, pointing his cellphone toward Sisolak’s face. As the governor’s wife, Kathy Sisolak, joins the governor to leave, the man trails them, declaring, “You working-for-China (expletive).” Kathy Sisolak, who was born in Ely, Nevada, is of Asian descent. Another man seen pushing a child away as he rises from a restaurant booth follows, calling Sisolak a traitor. The man says the governor should be hung, then turns and returns toward the restaurant. The video ends in the restaurant’s parking lot, where Sisolak’s daughter, Ashley Sisolak, a lawyer and public defender, rushes to the governor and his wife near their vehicle. “Because your daughter’s with you, I’m going to leave you alone now,” the man said as he turned away, the AP reported. The incident, which is being investigated by state police, comes as Republicans hope to take back the governor’s seat that Sisolak captured in 2018. He became the first Democratic governor in Nevada in 20 years and is seeking a second term in a state that has slipped out of GOP control.

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TinyCow 4 months ago

china? try israel

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