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⁣How to wake up Brainwashed people [The right way]

Published on 01 Oct 2021 / In Satanism / Occult

⁣How to wake up Brainwashed people [The right way]
A great video by Kacper on the subject of waking people up to the true reality. I feel that this is an important video as it is crucial we try our best to do this.

The more people we have opposing restrictive measures, then the better outcome to our plight. MSM has a strong grip and it is useless for a few but not everyone is deep under the spell.

It is worth a go now as it may be too late if we delay. For our futures, our children, friends and family, it is important to try. Respects to those who have tried and failed; it is not easy done but we must try.

1 The Mirror*
When talking to those who still believe that political “authority” is legitimate and necessary, it can be easy to assume that the entire problem resides inside their heads, but that is not the case. No matter how philosophically correct you are, unless you can first understand and control your own psychology, the likelihood of having a useful discussion with someone else on the topic is slim to none.
* no relation to "The Mirror"

2 The Goal
When most people argue, they just throw ideas at each other, usually accomplishing nothing. If you want to communicate effectively, you need to have a specific goal in mind when talking to someone, and just as importantly, you need to have a way to determine if you achieved that goal—if you accomplished anything by talking to the other person.

3 The Wedge
When you talk to someone who has fundamentally different views than yours, it is natural for the conversation to quickly turn into a combative argument where it’s “you against them.” If that happens, the likelihood of anyone’s mind changing is slim to none. Candles in the Dark teaches a fundamentally different way to communicate, putting you on the same “side” as the person you are talking to.

4 The Void
How many times have statists responded to your simple, clear explanations with weird evasions, random tangents, and other things that made it seem like they either weren’t listening, or were too stupid to understand even the most basic concepts and principles? After this session of Candles in the Dark, you will know why that happens so often, and more importantly, how to avoid it.

5 The Obstacle Course
A lot of Candles in the Dark is about what not to do: all the ways in which you can accidentally sabotage your own efforts. When you use the method correctly, it can look and feel so simple and obvious, but first you need to know all the things to not do—all the ways in which human psychology (yours and theirs) can quickly make a friendly chat into a fruitless, uncomfortable argument.

6 The Punch Line
No, you don’t need to lecture everyone and educate them on twenty different topics. You only need them to see and abandon one particular lie. There are many ways to get there, but the end goal is very fundamental and simple, and this final session of Candles in the Dark will give you a number of specific lines of questioning to use to get there.

Communicate. Liberate.
The Most Dangerous Superstition is the belief in authority. A lot of people feel they can't talk about voluntaryism without being criticized, feeling frustrated, or having a negative reaction from the people around them.

“Candles in the Dark” is a concentrated, in-depth, six-session educational course designed to help voluntaryists and anarchists be far more effective in their communications with the rest of the world—i.e., with all of those people who still adhere to the commonly accepted mythology regarding “government” and political “authority.”

Based heavily upon Larken Rose’s own experiences spanning more than two decades as a voluntaryist, the methods taught in “Candles in the Dark” are specifically designed to deal with the fact that most people quickly shut down or become emotional and argumentative the moment they feel that their fundamental paradigms and beliefs are being challenged. Candles in the Dark is as much about human psychology as it is about political (or anti-political) philosophy.
As most voluntaryists/anarchists have seen first-hand, even calm and polite explanations of the underlying principles of non-aggression and self-ownership are rarely enough to get through to people or to make them even begin to question their life-long assumptions. And this often leaves advocates of a stateless society feeling frustrated and hopeless, thinking that it’s impossible to get through to most people. That is not true... Not by a long shot. ..

Candles in the Dark - A Seminar To Free the World by Deprogramming Statists

How to wake up Brainwashed people -The right way-

candles in the dark

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