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howard stern pushing jewish victimhood while attempting to be funny

Published on 17 Sep 2021 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

⁣howard stern - guess who-s the jew

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Zenith26 8 months ago

Note how it's standard practice in these anti-White hit-sketches by these snakes to team-up with Black folk in the attack. If Black folk knew the truth?

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Mary1998 9 months ago

Actually the black Hebrew Israelites are the true tribe of Judah, proven by DNA. The three members who founded the KKK were all khazars ( Slavic Turks who converted to Judaism) Hitler is supposedly illegitimate son of a rothchild which would make him a khazar, as all white Jews are khazars. Hitlers half sister was a khazar as was his girlfriend proven by dental records, all his top military brass and the bankers that funded him. Oppenheimer banking family ( the father of Anne Frank was a member of the Oppenheimer family) relatives to the rothchilds. Do ur research you can’t make this crap up . Read secret relationship between blacks and Jews. Proof the khazars dominated and ran transatlantic slave trade and owned over 80% of the slaves in US because they owned most of the plantations. Wasn’t the Christians. Amazon banned the book

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twistedjoker 9 months ago

The jews always put fake nazis and fake klans men on their shows all the time'

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Allophylian 1 year ago

Why you Yanks put up with this Satan - is beyond me. Playing off races against each other.

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GlitterFinch 1 year ago

Howard Stern is nasty filth. 🤢

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