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Hundreds of Planes to FALL FROM THE SKY as Airlines Promise 50% of Pilots Will Soon be Black Women

Published on 01 May 2022 / In Niggers
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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 6 months ago

I wouldn't want some nigger bitch for a uber fuck no not flying the damn plain . I didn't think they could make flying any more unbearable but the jews have outdone themselves again bravo kikes

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kata 7 months ago

Affirmation Action !

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bluesinaminor 7 months ago

Maybe there aren't a lot of fat, black, lesbian pilots because the aircraft and airports were invented, built, and maintained by white men.
As the nigs would say, "Stay in your lane!"
Just imagine the pilot and copilot getting into one of their common fist fights and spilling out of the cockpit into the cabin. Who's flying the plane then?
There are more white male truck drivers, more white male construction vehicle operators, more white male military pilots, more white male police car drivers, more white male secret service agent drivers, more white male racer drivers, motorcyclists, boat captains, helicopter pilots, train engineers, etc. but yeah hey lets switch it up for commercial airline pilots. Da Fuck?!
Blacks have more convicts in prison and welfare recipients. They're gonna try to switch that shit too. Fuck flying anyway. Fuck traveling unless they're gonna fly themselves directly to the scene of the crash or back to Africa.

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JesseJames 7 months ago

Fuck this satanic Jew world

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happyapple4 7 months ago

Men are better at driving cars and flying planes simply because of their brains. Testosterone makes for single focus, logic and focusing on the problem and trying to fix it. Good traits for pilots to have. On the other hand, women have diffuse awareness which is little to no focus and taking in everything. Not good for a pilot. Things are working so why fix it?

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