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I Wish I Could Give These Niggers The Same Treatment

Published on 12 Oct 2021 / In Niggers

Makes my blood boil seeing this dog treated like this.

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eric_blood 5 days ago

And that poor dog doesn't realize that it could kill that filthy nigger in seconds, if he could just snap & rip that niggers belly wide open! At least this video gives us yet another example that niggers are lower then animals!

卐 Gott Mit Uns America Europa Canada Australia White South Africa & the Holy Reich Sieg Heil Deus Vult Unser Seliger Adolf in Jesus Christ Amen. ϟϟ

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Allophylian 10 days ago

Right - this is a human

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bannedforhatespeech 11 days ago

poor dog. dogs bark. it's how they communicate. you can't treat a dog this way for that.

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WhiteNight 11 days ago

cant watch it, I saw it a while ago, I cant see and feel my anger now at least not now

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Ulsterrich 12 days ago

Wish it had of ripped his throat out . Notice the fist holes in the door looks like he’s a right nut job

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