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Idiots filming the Syrian 'war'

Published on 11 Oct 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

group Scum Time:

So far as we know, the only injured or dead ISIS 'terrorists' are those morons who injured or killed themselves or the idiots next to them during the filming of this reality show. And remember - a coalition of ALL of the countries who fought in the second world war on ALL sides (something like 66 countries in total) can't seem to defeat this pile of horse manure for how many years now? 'Oh, they're not really fighting them!' - telemorons would reply. There's nothing to fight! A bunch of clowns on tinfoil toyotas. And because of these clowns ('Trained by the US!' - yeah-yeah-yeah, a telesemite will tell you even that) you'll be stripped of the last rights that you still seem to possess. If not now - then in a few years, when the elite scum comes up with another fiasco, even more ridiculous than this one. And when you swallow that - you're done. So grab a hold of a bucket of industrial strength vaseline and a hefty crowbar and apply yourself to it till your head finally pops out of your fanny. High time for that.
Mirror channel on Minds:
200 videos from Syria showing peaceful life and NO war can be found here:
The text is in Russian - BUT - open in chrome - right click - translate - all will be in English, translation's pretty good, you'll understand what is what.
REAL Assad's army that NOONE ever will show you:

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