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If you watch Mark Collett , you a cuck , period

Published on 22 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

If you watch Mark Collett , you a cuck , period

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AppalachianAmerican 2 months ago

Did this Blair dude refer to Sewell as a "dancing monkey?" -Fuck off.

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fromWOLFtoDOG 3 months ago (edited)

Millions of White people are awakening everyday...
There needs to be as many voices out there as possible to appeal to their rate of being awakened....Some people are ready for this website, and some need a more politically correct introduction. PWR does what it sets out to do, and addresses those that are at that place at that time. Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson both commented on their shows, there website traffic is up over 700% compared to just a few years ago... I would assume most people got there by evolving, and graduating from information that is acceptable to them from this ENTIRE movement.

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AppalachianAmerican 3 months ago

I can't seem to find the video of this encounter.
I also have yet to see anything disagreeable with Collett, though I have maintained for some time now that our monetary efforts should be channeled to sources of physical and actual resistivity & demonstrations, etc., and away from online personalities that simply comment on the soup de jour.
Again, can't find a point of disagreement with Collett, -and Laura Towler is quite based, despite their willingness or unwillingness to risk their livelihood. I feel Collett is serving his purpose. The question arises as "to what end?"
One thing for sure...we need many more Thomas Sewell's in this world and less picnics.

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TinyCow 3 months ago

i think that he's just trying to be smart and play the long game in his country. keep in mind, if you just tart throwing out slurs to normies, they are likely to just shut down and pay no mind. The slurs are mainly a way to let off steam among each other already in the know, or to put those "people" in their place, face to face.

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Freedom 3 months ago

I thought this was already common knowledge.

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