I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be that have my dear brother Mr. Bond in shackles, This is a travesty of justice of the highest magnitude and needs to be reviewed, As Per my letters I write weekly. If you notice brothers and sisters...The new ad here at our beloved WTV. Please feel free to click the ad and it will take you to the information needed to drop Mr. Bond a letter or a postcard as well as updates on trials and proceedings and commisary for him. "Strength And Honor"

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In California, police shot and killed a man who tried to kill his mother with a knife.

Published on 27 Nov 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Sankyu 9 months ago

So the cop with what looked like a bean bag shotgun waited to enter while deadly force was used instead of non lethal.

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UninformedConsent 9 months ago

Fire control at it's best. You also get to see Stockholm Syndrome in action.

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Terrarium Firma
Terrarium Firma 9 months ago

Swift and accurate!

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ytrebiLeurT 9 months ago

The whole world is boiling in a huge pile of shit. It's raining in my apartment...

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hocuspocusfocus 9 months ago

sorry to hear that - yep the world is a pile of shite

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bannedforhatespeech 9 months ago

why did he try to kill his own mother?

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GHREM 9 months ago

She forgot to buy his Captain Crunch

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