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Harry Knowledge123
Published on 30 Apr 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣A Brutal Look at Communism, and Much Much More. In This Vintage Documentary, Based on Juri Lina's Book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, We Take a Journey Into the Strange and Awful History of the Bolshevik Revolution, and Even Deeper Into Who Propped It Up to Begin With. Documented Links and Well-researched History Show That Masonry, Communism, Zionism, and International Societies Were Linked Together, Especially in Financing the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The Film Explains How American Communists and Banking Moguls Were Instrumental in Cutting Off Money to Monarchs Like the Czar, and in Starting the Communist Movement in Soviet Russia. Jacob Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, and Co. And Even the American Presidents and Other International Groups and Executive Leaders Assisted People Like Lenin and Trotsky, and How Communism, Touted as a Spontaneous Worker's Movement, Is in Reality, Yet Another International New World Order Banking Scheme to Liquidate Entire Populations and Their Assets, Transferring Wealth Into the Hands of the Elite. Many Connections Are Exposed That the Average Person Would Never Know About From Mainstream Media or Schools. The Brutality Is Staggering, and It Doesn't Shy Away From the Awful Truth About These Systems That Were Designed to Crush Dissent and Control Populations, All While Being Financed by Outside Bankers and Officials With Ties to Secret Societies. It Raises Many Questions About Who Is Really in Control, and How They Shape World Events and the Views of the Public After the Dust Settles. The Fact That Lina Himself Was Chased by the Kgb and Had to Flee His Home After Writing About Communist Activities Lends Credit to His Purpose. However, There Were a Few Claims in the Film That I Could Not Verify for Myself When Cross- Referencing Other Sources, and I Really Wonder Where He Got the Information. Much of It, Though, Is Highly Credible and Can Even Be Found in Encyclopedias, but Has Never Been Combined in Such a Comprehensive and Effective Manner to Cohesively Inform the Public. He Even Ties in Some of These Events With Worshiping Moloch and Saturn, and Suggests That There Are Hidden Hands Working for a Larger Purpose of Blood and Sacrifice That Dates Back to Ancient Times. Again, Some of It Is Easy to Verify, and Some Is Opinion or Loose Conjecture. Overall, However, This Really Does Blow Communism and Bolshevism Out of the Water, and Proves That Outsiders Were Complicit in Funding and Aiding in This Atrocity, Which Seems to Be Overshadowed by Other Events in Our History Books and Media. All of These Systems Were Ushered in by Elitist Intellectuals, Bankers, and Secret Societies Who Work for Their Own Aims, and This Is What Always Happens When Trying to Employ Such a Murderous Regime. Saying That This Is Just a Grassroots Worker's Movement to Empower the Common Man Is About as Uninformed and Stupid as It Gets, and This Film Really Connects the Dots on That Note and Others.

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