I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be in Beijing, Your Country was compromised by a certain Tribe many decades ago and now you are just a Vassal State for that very Tribe, Whether you wish to admit it or not. However, I will not stand for your communist propaganda here at WTV and will Terminate With Extreme Prejudice as soon as I acquire your trolls here promoting communist propaganda...As Per This Evenings Terminations, Danke

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Incredible numbers of Brazilians turned out to show support for President Bolsonaro.

Published on 10 Sep 2022 / In Politics

They say.....Fuck the WEF.

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dino 17 days ago

I will never forget the look on Bolsonaro's face while he was being led by Netanyahu around the cave underneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. He probably started figuring out that something was not right. That being said, let's not praise this guy too quickly, because he probably is a freemason or member of some other type of secret society.

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wiking 3 days ago

All i know is he spoke out against the "vaccines" and said he would never take it.
So i'd still take him any day over the traitor mass murderers we have in our western governments.

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Geordie 17 days ago

good on him. soon be dead then?

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momento 16 days ago

That's usually the way it works. But so many people support no-WEF and no-CRT in schools over there that a new popular leader would take his place.

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