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Infectious virus - only for hetero's. See how CCP & Jewmedia cocksucker Dan Andrews cancels Australia Day but fag parade is OK 12 days later. Watch til the end....

Published on 07 Feb 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda

...and you'll see how he inflicts more pain on normal people by having another event of the same type, next week.

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WhiteNight 9 days ago

just had a drink to be able to watch this demonic filth, people got to get through their brain that sodomy is a sign of death and devil itself! about this issue no quarrel should be given nor mercy

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pater409 3 months ago

When is the smug fucking cunt and cock sucker Andrews going to take a bullet in his brain?

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momento 3 months ago

VIC people are mostly faggotised now, so not much chance of them doing it.
He needs a bullet to the brain and then another one, while he's on the ground, just to make sure he doesn't get up.

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DeathToJWO 5 months ago

Seriously, how retarded does one need to be to not see what the fuck is going on?...

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momento 5 months ago

Exactly. I think this video shows,even to the most dull-brained person what is going on as you alluded to. Rules for one population segment but not another. I've just shown proof.

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The masses have been purposely dumbed down for decades. It’s all part of the plan. It sucks for us black pilled soldiers who know EXACTLY what the fuck is going on

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