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Irgun Terrorist group - Ben-Zion Cohen

Published on 25 Jul 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣Commander of Massacre at Deir Yassin, Palestine - 9 April 1948⁣
This video shows excerpts of an interview with the very well-known member of the Irgun Terrorist group - Ben-Zion Cohen, who boasts unrepentantly claiming that he was the commander of the massacre of Deir Yassin in Palestine. Here is a translation of what he said:
“Want to hear the truth? To this day I’m proud that I was a member of the Underground… that I took this burden on myself and expelled the British and beat the Nazis and beat the Arabs… I, Ben-Zion Cohen, conquered most of south Jerusalem.”
“Deir Yassin was conquered on April 9th… And they all fled shouting - Deir Yassin is upon us.”
“They fled from Haifa, from Jaffa… from everywhere. All because of the fear of ‘Deir Yassin’.”
“If there had been few more ‘Deir Yassins’ there wouldn’t be one Arab left in the land of Israel. Why do you think there are all those refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria? Because of whom? You know who? There’s one man who can say it’s all thanks to him. I was the commander at Deir Yassin.”

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Iluvhitler70 6 months ago

These kikes, especially this disgusting rat bastard, are all proud of their murderous deeds.

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UncleSemantic 6 months ago

Time for a game of whac-a-yid at the carnival, kids! 🎡 🤩 Bop the jew on its 👃 and win 6 million shekels. 🎊 Then hang this disgusting kike for crimes against 🇩🇪 & the White race.

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