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Published on 14 Oct 2021 / In Israel / Zionism


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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

Once a person becomes a Federal employee all of their Medical expenses are paid for by the Federal Banks and when Federal employees marry one another their monetary benefits increase greatly. These people, having all signed Nondisclosure Agreements work together as a group against everyone that is not a Federal employee. They will murder others but are allowed to lie as a group together about what they did; in fact the NDA instructs them to lie to others. All Jews are Federal simply because every Jew on earth would be hung for the crime of treason without the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 making them into a King Class in our nations. I can look out my door and see a police officer out there and I know that cop is a Federal employee also, simply because his employer is a Jew in a Federal Reserve Bank. If we look at the way the Czar in Russia was murdered along with 200 Million others of the White Race we can then see the methods by which the Jews get away with murder. In Russia they first murdered the Czar and then killed all the leaders of Russia throughout their nation. The Jews did it all by infiltration: they simply travelled to Russia and were already American Jews themselves but they changed their names to Russian names to deceive everyone about the crimes they were committing. The establishment of Death Camps went up throughout Russia where these Jews murdered everyone White they found. Next they began giving away the land of Russia to Japan and China and other nations to fill the void with immigrants whom are today the citizens of Russia. This is what we see in Israel here also, which is simply Jews positioning their murderers in each place needed for the annihilation of everyone else in those lands.

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Sibbeloth 2 months ago

The jew's motto is "by way of deception thou shall make war". I think they control much which may seem counterintuitive until you consider what pride they have in their ability to create suffering using their primary weapon, the word.

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Iverology_Phd 2 months ago

'By the way this is,what i find realy amusing:the stupidity of the palistinian sheep...If Hamas realy wanted to harm israel and get them through terrorism by the balls,they would inflict proffessional sharpshouters (remeber the terror this guy in the US caused),who would aim at the children of government personal.Or even better spread a virus in the israeli region...But no the sheep is just to damm fucking stupid,the sheep kills other sheep...And can't see that this is exactly what the elite want's him to do.'
From DJHives's site.

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