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Is Tesla a Scam? Is Musk the Con-artist he's being made out to be?

Melissa Lev
Published on 28 Mar 2021 / In Cars & Vehicles
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Iverology_Phd 5 days ago

He is an actor like all of them. Jobs. Gates. Zuckerberg. There is an episode on fake moguls, kosher shills, in a series made by 'Mia's new pair of glasses' blogger, now dead or missing. The series was called 'The Controllers'. Can be found on jewtube. She made a compilation of these clowns doing silly things for jews like trained dogs. Like Gates jumping over a chair. Controllers were clearly mocking him and showing idiots how all of it was a circus. This shows their benevolency.
That SpaceX was their success, but had nothing to do with him. Anybody could be in his place, at least anyone not completely retarded. Which most are. Still, in that same series their flights are explained , how they finally broke the dome and entered 'waters'. It seems all Von Braun's rockets were repelled by the dome and fell down into the ocean because they launched them at the daytime. The repellent force of the dome is too strong when the spiral beam runs over a sector of its surface. That beam is guessed in her 'boyfriend's' EMPCOE series. Also dead or missing by now. By accident, jews had a successful launch at night once, then they began nighttime launches where they could finally reach the dome. They have figured that out only recently. Maybe a decade ago. They are really dumb. On learning that I figured they were much dumber than I had thought of them.

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Iverology_Phd 5 days ago

Also, all their car industry is a scam. There was an electric car run by Tesla called 'arrow-something', a standard model of his time, with an electric box installed in it that produced infinite electricity. Many people figured how to run cars on water, but you won't find them openly advertising. Jews will threaten them or kill them. That technology can be found easily, I have these materials, but it takes more time and expertise than I have. And such cars must be kept in secrecy which with females in one's household is hardly possible.

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Monkey7343 1 month ago

That's why he got into bed with the space jooze. He, like most, are desperate to hang onto their stuff and have no problem lying and cheating in order to maintain thier material possessions. Major part of the problem is how we are conditioned to think we need stuff to make us happy, to define where we stand in society. If only people realized that they are being exploited by the very things they purchase throughout their lives.

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heeed 1 month ago

a government shill,a shit actor at best

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scm_bacont 4 months ago

How anyone still wants a PoS Tesla is beyond me...

I knew it was a joke when they first announced they were making them and had arguments with extremely retarded people over this C_A psy-op...

Want to know what one of these does to "save" the environment, go search for lithium mines and see how much of the environment one of these garbage heaps saved...

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DertJones 4 months ago

burn the coal to make electricity, or, use nuclear plants that have poison million year shelf life radioactive rods . Stupid fn stupid elite MF's .
As for Musk ? He went to the same school as trump , uh.. the jesuit one

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